PlayIzzOn is a platform where you can play with people across the world in Live Rooms. You can also play with your friends and family. You can also find players who have similar tastes and interests.
You must sync your phonebook contacts. Once that is done, you can invite your friends, family, and anyone else on to PlayIzzOn. Once your request is accepted, all that is left is to just play!
Live Rooms is just like a common chat room. You can chat with people from across the world, play games from there, laugh at jokes, listen to music, etc. One thing guaranteed in the Live Room is the fun you will have there.
PlayIzzOn has:
  • crowd favorites like Ludo, Carrom and Pool
  • cerebral games like Chess and Scrabble
  • card games like Rummy, Poker
  • and many, many, many more games
Getting the PlayIzzOn app is simple. Visit the Play Store and then search for “PlayIzzOn”. Click on Install and you are ready to go.
Sending gifts to others on PlayIzzOn is very simple. Just go the Store section on the app, select the gift and buy it. Then select the user you want to send the gift to and there, it is done.
Yes, PlayIzzOn is free to play. However, if you want to send gifts to others you will have to buy it.
Signing up on PlayIzzOn is very simple. Just enter your phone number and then enter the OTP you receive on it to complete sign up. That’s it!
Shuffle Suggestions feature on PlayIzzOn let’s you see other user’s profiles on PlayIzzOn. These users may or may not have anything in common with you.
No, you cannot have multiple accounts on PlayIzzOn as your account is linked with your mobile number.
Your account on PlayIzzOn is linked to a unique mobile number. It is only possible to change your registered mobile number by contacting the Customer Support team at support@PlayIzzOngames.com